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Find your ideal stage & sector relevant leadership candidates in minutes.
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We’ll show you real candidates that match your search. You can message the ones you like. No Charge.
Your Leadership Hiring Starts Here
Save your time
Save your time
Review and engage with active leadership & exec candidates in seconds.

No intermediaries, no pay per hire, no other shenanigans!

Power-up your internal recruiting. You’ll be in good company.


Make executive hires at a fraction of the agency cost!

Determine the right level of hire for your stage

Not sure if you should hire at Head of or VP level?
We'll guide you to the best hire based on your company’s growth stage and leadership needs.
Still learning how to asses Leadership candidates?
We’ve got a repository of resources to help you with your leadership hiring process and objective setting.
Curious about packages at various seniority levels?
We make it easy for you to create a competitive salary and equity package that is most suitable for your role.
Whatever it is you are hiring for, we’ve got your back!
Determine the right level of hire for your stage

Quickly evaluate candidates using Data

Find the best people for your scaling needs
Discover candidates with the right blend of stage and sector experience using our Crunchbase integration.
Add complementary skills to your Leadership team
Narrow down your list of ideal candidates to people who have already seen what’s next for your type of business.
Quickly evaluate candidates using Data

Attract senior execs with details they care about

Start with the things that matter
Share what you do, why you do it and how you do it.
Showcase your growth journey
Tell exec candidates how much money you raised and why.
Stand out from the crowd
Showcase your brand in the most compelling way.
Attract senior execs with  details they care about
81.2% of Startups Fail*
81.2% of Startups Fail
and 1 in 4 cite ‘Wrong management team’ as the primary reason for failing
Startup Lane exists to help you make the right leadership choices
Head of Talent
“Better than LinkedIn Recruiter and very Startup friendly! There is no cost barrier and you can explore multiple seniority levels for the same hire, if you are still deciding between “VP” or “Head of” level. Pay a flat fee regardless of who you hire or what salary you offer. Fully worth it even when you make one hire per year!“
octopus ventures
“We’ve seen a bad executive hire can set a company’s trajectory back years. Startup Lane provides our portfolio with the information and tools they need to reduce the likelihood of such a costly mistake.”
People Partner
octopus ventures
“Startup Lane makes it easy for Founders to go from the point of considering a new hire to understanding what the ideal candidate looks like based on their growth stage and goals to finding great profiles that match their requirements. All without the lead time or cost of engaging an agency. An amazing platform that I recommend to all of the companies that I work with!”
Director of People
“When we consider a new leadership hire, Startup Lane is the first place we go. We can literally browse the market and have early conversations with executive candidates at different seniority levels. Free shortlisting, no retainer, and no cost per hire - but still amazing candidates. What’s not to love?”
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