Using Data to Showcase Candidate’s Strengths

We appreciate that Founders and their Talent Teams do a lot of research  to assess candidate’s strengths and suitability for leadership roles, particularly when sourcing.

Startup Lane want to make this process fast and easy while at the same time highlighting what makes each candidate unique for the role.

We’ve partnered with Crunchbase to bring data into hiring and make the process of hiring executive and board candidates accessible for every startup and scale-up! 🚀

Quickly learn if a candidate has the right experience for you

If you’ve ever wondered how executive agencies find suitable candidates for your roles, the short answer is that they source them. Yes, in some instances exec recruiters will have a network of candidates with experience in a certain industry or function (e.g Fintech CTOs), but in most cases they just do good old fashion sourcing based on the requirements for the role.

The only catch is that they start with Crunchbase or a similar platform, then they pull together a list of companies that have industry or stage relevance and start targeting their executives.

Startup Lane is taking all this data and unifies it in one place, so that you can better understand a candidate’s background by looking at their past employers. You can assess relevance based on:

  • What the company does
  • Where they are in their growth journey -> we pull data on stage, total funding, number of employees
  • What are the industries that best apply to it.

Check out this example:

Deep dive into candidate’s background and their scale-up journeys

It’s great to see that a candidate has worked at companies that are relevant for your current needs. But have they been there at the right time?

Startup Lane is once again harnessing the power of data by creating timelines that illustrate a candidate’s employment history at the company and where the company was in its scale journey.

This way you get to quickly see if an exec or board candidate has that stage relevant experience that you need.

See how a candidate's role preferences match their current experience

Get a sense of where the candidate is compared to where they want to be and see how this fits into your requirements for the role and the future growth opportunities within your company.

You can use this section to better  address a candidate’s expectations during the interview process.

Click ➡️ here if you want to see an example candidate with the full data in action!